Mysterious and inscrutable: gave me a searchless look and then passed by.


archaic unsearchable


(ˈsɜrtʃ lɪs)

not searchable; inscrutable.
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Fractal approach for 3D searchless [11], prediction of error frame for low bit rate video [12], and wavelet transform based video coding approach [13, 14] are also considered for compression of videos.
But on the other hand, the poem's obscurity and indeterminacy, its wandering through a "mysterious" and "labyrinthine" nature full of "gulphs," "caves," and recesses (504, 541, 548), seems to conceal within its negativity a searchless "inner meaning," though one that still "possesses only one side .
I read it over and over," he told her, "and in the deep consciousness that I should find in the spirit that dictated that letter the searchless power of congenial communings--which I had always been pining for and of which I had never found but one (C.