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If you're marooned at a Cornish seaside resort out of the season with a man, you can't spend your time dodging him.
All I knew of the country was that it was a place to go to for vacations, and I always went to springs and mountain and seaside resorts.
For so long it was the region's premier seaside resort which was thronged with day-trippers and holiday-makers having fun.
5 (ANI): A seaside resort town in the Netherlands is having a year-long beach party for the entirety of 2018.
Contract notice: mission to secure the seaside resort and public places of the leisure island of cergy-pontoise
It is hoped the move will be "another jewel in Barry Island's crown" in attracting visitors from all over the country to enjoy the famous seaside resort.
A TRAVEL website has voted Llandudno the best seaside resort in the UK and the fourth-best UK destination overall.
A guide book said: "Hoylake is a favourite and rapidly developing seaside resort.
A The special prize for aFastest Developing Citya went to the seaside resort town Nesebar.
How right he is to point out that if DCC were capable of managing a seaside resort then they would not have off-loaded our prized facilities to Clwyd Leisure.
RE the letter from Albert Farrow 'A seaside resort needs a pier'.
There are downsides, with 60 per cent saying the weather puts them off a day out at a British seaside resort and one in five who think there is too much pollution.