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If you're marooned at a Cornish seaside resort out of the season with a man, you can't spend your time dodging him.
All I knew of the country was that it was a place to go to for vacations, and I always went to springs and mountain and seaside resorts. I had lived among books almost all my life.
Bognor Regis, the sunniest place in Britain, was ranked the worst seaside resort but no Scots locations featured in the bottom 10.
5 (ANI): A seaside resort town in the Netherlands is having a year-long beach party for the entirety of 2018.
The seaside city won the prize in 2012, as well.A The special prize for aFastest Developing Citya went to the seaside resort town Nesebar.
The ONS said: "Our analysis has considered levels of deprivation in larger English seaside destinations, which may have once thrived on seaside resort tourism.
Summary: The iconic T4 On The Beach jazzed up the seaside resort of Weston Super Mare for the ninth year running on Sunday.
Summary: DEAUVILLE, France, Jumada II 21, 1432 / May 24, 2011, SPA -- France is bringing thousands of police into a seaside resort in preparation for the Group of Eight summit of world leaders, according to UPI.
For the third series of the radio show It's That Man Again, which began in June 1941, comedian and broadcaster Tommy Handley (1892-1949) took on the character of mayor of the seaside resort Foaming-at-the-Mouth.
The four guards were accused of misbehaving in a bar in a seaside resort.AaA dozen German naval personnel - two of them women - suffered cuts and bruises after they were attacked with metal bars.