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Noun1.seasonal worker - a worker who finds employment only in certain seasons
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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Non-EU seasonal workers should be given a seasonal worker permit' to ensure minimum working conditions and social rights, for example related to pay or safety.
The session also focussed on the rights of pilgrims, various volunteering opportunities and the skills required to become a 'seasonal worker'.
British farmers and growers have been calling on the Home Office to reintroduce a seasonal worker visa scheme after Brexit, but that will do nothing to ease the current crisis.
SYDNEY: Australia's Seasonal Worker Programme is delivering more than just financial benefits to Pacific Island countries.
She said up to five offers are being put to each seasonal worker and large numbers are not accepting the offers.
If there's any hope of staying longer than one day, Ed's got to go native and find a job as a seasonal worker before he gets caught.
54.4980H-l(a)(39) provides that employers may use any reasonable, good-faith interpretation of the statutory definition of seasonal worker or application of the DOL regulatory standard (which technically covers migrant agricultural workers) by analogy to other employment.
Prospective employers are required to provide evidence that the seasonal worker will have appropriate accommodation during his/her stay.
The Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme will enable 2,500 workers from Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Vanuatu to work in Australia for up to seven months each year, harvesting fruit and vegetables in rural areas.
From a poor seasonal worker he became a thriving businessman who employs several hundred jerezanos tending animals at the University of California at Davis and at nurseries for the Oregon Department of Forestry.