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Relating to, occurring in, or varying with a particular season: seasonal employment.

sea′son·al′i·ty (-zə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
sea′son·al·ly adv.


(Commerce) the cycle or changes of a business or economy depending on the seasons
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RIGA, Aug 12 (LETA) SmartLynx Airlines in Canada signed an agreement on a EUR 5 million investment in Canada Jetlines startup in order to solve seasonality problems, said SmartLynx Airlines board member Zygimantas Surintas in an interview with LETA.
Our outlook for Q1 reflects the normal seasonality of our business, ongoing economic challenges in EMEA, and conservatism around our wireless business as customers consider the alternative Smart OmniEdge solutions that will be available following the close of our Aerohive acquisition.
The Association said it was needed to help "ameliorate the economic, educational and business activities of the region, in order to reinvigorate the economy, especially during the winter, hence actively fighting seasonality".
"We expect our normal second half seasonality to be amplified by Specials which are heavily weighted to the fourth quarter this year.
In this paper, we propose an effective source-side DoS detection with a traffic seasonality aware adaptive threshold, in order to detect subtle attack peaks more properly with low false positive.
Their seasonal working experience, perceived as an introduction to the real world of work, may influence students' perception of tourism seasonality and employment aspiration in the industry.
Objective: The objective was to determine the buffering role of coping strategies between seasonality and winter depression.
Seasonality generally refers to fluctuations that recur with a frequency of less than a year.
Such an observation indicates the presence of seasonality in Indian inbound tourism.
* Calculating seasonality. There are simple ways to calculate seasonality using straight averages; and there are more complicated ways that do a better job of capturing the typically sinusoidal nature of demand.
Seasonality in disease processes has been described for millennia (Lloyd, Chadwick, and Mann 1978).