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adj. sea·wor·thi·er, sea·wor·thi·est
Fit to traverse the seas: a seaworthy freighter; a seaworthy crew.

sea′wor′thi·ness n.


(Nautical Terms) in a fit condition or ready for a sea voyage
ˈseaˌworthiness n


(ˈsiˌwɜr ði)

adj. -thi•er, -thi•est. (of a vessel)
fitted and safe for a voyage at sea.
sea′wor`thi•ness, n.
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Adj.1.seaworthy - fit for a sea voyage
tight - of such close construction as to be impermeable; "a tight roof"; "warm in our tight little house"
unseaworthy - unfit for a voyage
صالِح للمِلاحَه
hajózásra alkalmas
denize açılabilir/dayanıklı


[ˈsiːˌwɜːðɪ] ADJen condiciones de navegar


[ˈsiːwɜːrðɪ] adjen état de naviguer


[ˈsiːˌwɜːðɪ] adjidoneo/a alla navigazione


(siː) noun
1. (often with the) the mass of salt water covering most of the Earth's surface. I enjoy swimming in the sea; over land and sea; The sea is very deep here; (also adjective) A whale is a type of large sea animal.
2. a particular area of sea. the Baltic Sea; These fish are found in tropical seas.
3. a particular state of the sea. mountainous seas.
ˈseaward(s) adverb
towards the sea; away from the land. The yacht left the harbour and sailed seawards.
ˈseaboard noun
the seacoast. the eastern seaboard of the United States.
sea breeze
a breeze blowing from the sea towards the land.
ˈseafaring adjective
of work or travel on ships. a seafaring man.
ˈseafood noun
fish, especially shellfish.
seafood restaurants.
ˈseafront noun
a promenade or part of a town with its buildings facing the sea.
ˈsea-going adjective
designed and equipped for travelling on the sea. a sea-going yacht.
ˈseagull noun
a gull.
sea level
the level of the surface of the sea used as a base from which the height of land can be measured. three hundred metres above sea level.
ˈsea-lion noun
a type of large seal.
ˈseamanplural ˈseamen noun
a sailor, especially a member of a ship's crew who is not an officer.
ˈseaport noun
a port on the coast.
ˈseashell noun
the (empty) shell of a sea creature.
ˈseashore noun
the land close to the sea.
ˈseasick adjective
ill because of the motion of a ship at sea. Were you seasick on the voyage?
ˈseasickness noun
ˈseaside noun
(usually with the) a place beside the sea. We like to go to the seaside in the summer.
ˈseaweed noun
plants growing in the sea. The beach was covered with seaweed.
ˈseaworthy adjective
(negative unseaworthy) (of a ship) suitably built and in good enough condition to sail at sea.
ˈseaworthiness noun
at sea
1. on a ship and away from land. He has been at sea for four months.
2. puzzled or bewildered. Can I help you? You seem all at sea.
go to sea
to become a sailor. He wants to go to sea.
put to sea
to leave the land or a port. They planned to put to sea the next day.
References in classic literature ?
When I say her days of perfection, I mean perfection of build, gear, seaworthy qualities and case of handling, not the perfection of speed.
Now at last they saw a feasible plan for leaving the island upon a seaworthy craft.
We use round, general, gentlemanly epithets about a young man of birth and fortune; and ladies, with that fine intuition which is the distinguishing attribute of their sex, see at once that he is "nice." The chances are that he will go through life without scandalizing any one; a seaworthy vessel that no one would refuse to insure.
They had destroyed our sails, consumed more stores than the crew, affably shared our beds and our dangers, and now, when the ship was made seaworthy, concluded to clear out.
All boats using the slipway will have to possess full third party insurance, be in a seaworthy condition and all crew members must wear life jackets.
There should certainly be an inquiry as to whether it was seaworthy.
From there it will be made seaworthy and taken by tug down to Whitby where it is expected to become a major tourist attraction.
He noted that in the past, resupply missions were usually conducted once every three months because of the limitations of the Philippine Navy's number of seaworthy vessels.
A total of 823 migrants, who were traveling on four over crowded and barely seaworthy boats, were picked up near the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa by naval vessels on Thursday.
The Top Gear team once attempted to cross the English Channel in a car converted to render it (almost) seaworthy but failed to make it.
Last night, the professional crew were sailing the Challenger, which is seaworthy, back to Glasgow.