sebaceous gland

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sebaceous gland

Any of various glands in the dermis of the skin that open into a hair follicle and produce and secrete sebum.

seba′ceous gland`

any of the cutaneous glands that secrete oily matter for lubricating hair and skin.

se·ba·ceous gland

Any of the glands in the skin that secrete an oily material (called sebum) into the hair follicles.

sebaceous gland

An exocrine gland in the skin that produces sebum (an oily secretion).
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Noun1.sebaceous gland - a cutaneous gland that secretes sebum (usually into a hair follicle) for lubricating hair and skinsebaceous gland - a cutaneous gland that secretes sebum (usually into a hair follicle) for lubricating hair and skin
oil gland - a gland that secretes oil
Meibomian gland, tarsal gland - a long sebaceous gland that lubricates the eyelids; "bacterial infection of a Meibomian gland produces a stye"
Montgomery's tubercle - one of the sebaceous glands on the areolae of the breast that lubricate the breast during breast-feeding
integumentary system - the skin and its appendages
hair follicle - a small tubular cavity containing the root of a hair; small muscles and sebaceous glands are associated with them
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This sophisticated MALDI imaging technology can provide new insights into drug delivery, and we believe this is the first time it has been used to demonstrate the accumulation of a topically administered compound in the sebaceous gland.
When exposed to a laser pulse, they create a focused photothermal effect in the sebaceous gland and follicle to reduce the number of inflammatory lesions or acne.
They are nocturnally mobile (16 mm/hour): thus, once the female mite is impregnated at the opening of a hair follicle, she moves to the sebaceous gland to deposit her eggs.
Muir-Torre syndrome is an autosomal-dominant syndrome defined by the presence of at least one sebaceous gland tumor and the presence of an internal malignancy.
A close friend of the actor told, "Imran has been operated for a sebaceous gland problem.
Sebaceous gland carcinoma (SGC) is a highly malignant and potentially lethal tumor that arises from meibomian glands of the tarsal plate, from glands of Zeis or from sebaceous glands of the caruncle, eye brow or facial skin (1).
If you have greasy hair, it means your sebaceous gland is overactive and you need to calm it.
They can be caused by a blockage in one of the glands of the skin, such as the sweat gland or derived from the sebaceous gland or hair follicle.
Small groups of sebaceous gland cells may be embedded in the walls of the secondary hair follicles.
A: You maybe need to look at your diet first, for example a lot of dairy products can contribute to an overactive sebaceous gland which makes your roots greasy.
Or perhaps you are holding back on other potentially exploitable sources of oil--an overactive sebaceous gland, for example, or your spouse's version of hash brown potatoes?
Mild acne (just blackheads or white-heads) begins in a hair follicle with its attached sebaceous gland, which produces the clear, oily sebum that lubricates the skin.