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n. pl. sec·cos
The art or an example of painting on dry plaster.
adj. Music
Of or being a kind of recitative in which the words are sung rapidly to minimal accompaniment, usually just continuo.

[Italian, from Latin siccus, dry.]
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n, pl -cos
1. (Art Terms) wall painting done on dried plaster with tempera or pigments ground in limewater. Compare fresco
2. (Art Terms) any wall painting other than true fresco
[C19: from Italian: dry, from Latin siccus]
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In compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization's current national civil aviation security program and airport security programs, the Secco 2 is defined as verifiable intelligence indicating the probability that civil-aviation operations have been targeted for attack.
Astis run the range from 130 grams/liter of sugar for the sweeter wines, down to 90 g/l for Dolce and 17 g/l for Seccos (longer fermentation = less sugar).
Like recitativo secco, it remains syllabic and preserves flexibility of tempo proper to a speech-based "song," but as a work, it often begins gradually to take on the pacing of the aria that it introduces.
Secco has earned a good reputation for quality and performance.
''We called it Operation Spectrum, because he lives in the shadows CHIEF ELVIS SECCO on hunt for da rocha
Secco is currently owned by BP, Sinopec and Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd., in which Sinopec holds a majority interest.
Situated in Caojing near Shanghai, SECCO is China's largest petrochemicals refinery and was built at a cost of $2.7 billion in 2001, according to BP's website.
During Latin Trade's CFO Forum in Buenos Aires at the Park Hyatt Hotel, two renowned analysts, economist Luis Secco and political scientist Rosendo Fraga, presented Argentina's current economic and political scenario and shared their forecasts for the coming months as the country gets ready to go to the polls.
Secco, based at Vigo Place in Aldridge, offers a wide range of products including the renowned Flexidome and Ridgidome quick erect tents and campervan and motorhome awnings which it sells online, at its store in Somerset and through a selected group of retailers.
In China, Secco's Caojing cracker is also expected to start a two-month turnaround March 10, sources said.