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n. pl. sec·cos
The art or an example of painting on dry plaster.
adj. Music
Of or being a kind of recitative in which the words are sung rapidly to minimal accompaniment, usually just continuo.

[Italian, from Latin siccus, dry.]


n, pl -cos
1. (Art Terms) wall painting done on dried plaster with tempera or pigments ground in limewater. Compare fresco
2. (Art Terms) any wall painting other than true fresco
[C19: from Italian: dry, from Latin siccus]
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We called it Operation Spectrum, because he lives in the shadows CHIEF ELVIS SECCO on hunt for da rocha
Secco is currently owned by BP, Sinopec and Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd.
Based in Shanghai, Secco is a producer of olefins, ethylene and propylene, together with polymers and other derivatives including polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylonitrile styrene, polystyrene, butadiene and other products.
Situated in Caojing near Shanghai, SECCO is China's largest petrochemicals refinery and was built at a cost of $2.
Secco hizo un recorrido exhaustivo por los indices macroeconomicos y senalo que en el pais "las elecciones (siempre) generan incertidumbre y los argentinos, basicamente, decidimos dolarizamos".
Secco opened the event with a detailed presentation of Argentina's macroeconomic stats, and along the way reviewed market trends, U.
Secco declined to comment on reports that Marcopolo was unable to raise sufficient capital to launch a Mariel venture.
Both Secco and Berti strutted lots of archetypical verismo vocalism -- somewhat overwrought but enthusiastically affecting -- and replete with "money notes": high notes, held long and loud.
Being a small place has made us more aggressive in securing financing abroad," says Secco, who's co-producing Alvaro Brechner's Mr.
The De Giorgi siblings are well-known in the Newcastle dining scene after creating some of the city's most popular bars and restaurants including Paradiso, Popolo, Intermezzo, Alvinos, Secco, Don Vito's and 9Bar Coffee.
Tenor Stefano Secco combined good looks with a beautiful voice and stunning top notes (albeit held beyond good taste).
As the expert, he knew what he was talking about when he led the Editor, Meaghan Clark, around some of the most exclusive golf clubs in the country, from Rio Secco to Shadow Creek.