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a. The act of secluding: The judge ordered the seclusion of the jury.
b. The state of being secluded: the seclusion of the desert.
2. Archaic A secluded place or abode.

[Medieval Latin sēclūsiō, sēclūsiōn-, from Latin sēclūsus, past participle of sēclūdere, to seclude; see seclude.]

se·clu′sive (-sĭv, -zĭv) adj.
se·clu′sive·ly adv.
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1. tending to seclude
2. fond of seclusion
seˈclusively adv
seˈclusiveness n
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One discomfort for our generation is to acknowledge that while more than one hundred years later we have learned to talk more easily about sex and sexuality, we nevertheless remain seclusive, embarrassed or conflicted when discussing money.
A senior UN envoy warned Saturday there was a grave risk that a miscalculation could trigger conflict with North Korea as he urged Pyongyang to keep communication channels open after a rare visit to the seclusive state.
It is becoming apparent that Feltman will join several other high-profile visitors whom Pyongyang's seclusive leader has refused to meet.