second class

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second class

1. The group ranking next below the first, highest, or best group in a system of classification.
2. Travel accommodations ranking next below the highest or first class.

second class

the class or grade next in value, quality, etc, to the first
1. of the class or grade next to the best in quality, etc
2. shoddy or inferior
3. of or denoting the class of accommodation in a hotel or on a train, etc, lower in quality and price than first class
4. (Philately)
a. (in Britain) of or relating to mail that is processed more slowly than first-class mail
b. (in the US and Canada) of or relating to mail that consists mainly of newspapers, etc
5. (Education) education See second110
by second-class mail, transport, etc

sec′ond class′

1. the class of accommodations inferior to first class but superior to third class.
2. the class of mail consisting of newspapers and periodicals not sealed against postal inspection.


1. of a secondary class or quality.
2. second-rate.
3. deprived of certain civil rights: second-class citizens.
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Noun1.second class - not the highest rank in a classificationsecond class - not the highest rank in a classification
rank - relative status; "his salary was determined by his rank and seniority"
2.second class - not the highest quality in a classification
low quality, inferiority - an inferior quality
3.second class - a class of accommodations on a ship or train or plane that are less expensive than first class accommodations
accommodation - living quarters provided for public convenience; "overnight accommodations are available"
Adv.1.second class - by second class conveyance; "we traveled second class"
References in classic literature ?
Is there not also a second class of goods, such as knowledge, sight, health, which are desirable not only in themselves, but also for their results?
Aurelia and Adele were in the first division of the second class; the second division was headed by a pensionnaire named Juanna Trista.
"Ay, there's the rub, Tom; one is obliged in our business to put up with the SECOND class. Why can't we aim higher at once, and get such girls as the Burtons, for instance?"
And in the end the criminal was, in consideration of extenuating circumstances, condemned to penal servitude in the second class for a term of eight years only.
Anne had never at the Louvre had so large a court; but this crowd represented chiefly the second class of nobility, while the Prince de Conti, the Duc de Beaufort and the coadjutor assembled around them the first nobility of France.
The same principle prevails also in the choice of their senate; the manner of electing which is favourable also to an oligarchy; for all are obliged to vote for those who are senators of the first class, afterwards they vote for the same number out of the second, and then out of the third; but this compulsion to vote at the election of senators does not extend to the third and fourth classes and the first and second class only are obliged to vote for the fourth.
Mr Lammle's servant, of the second class. Appearing to be lost in wonder and low spirits because the police are so long in coming to take his master up on some charge of the first magnitude.
THE SECOND class of powers, lodged in the general government, consists of those which regulate the intercourse with foreign nations, to wit: to make treaties; to send and receive ambassadors, other public ministers, and consuls; to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations; to regulate foreign commerce, including a power to prohibit, after the year 1808, the importation of slaves, and to lay an intermediate duty of ten dollars per head, as a discouragement to such importations.
With a quick turnaround into her second class of the day, Brooke did the double and also took the title for the 80cm Championship Final, finishing just over 3 seconds ahead of her nearest rival.
The Deccan Queen, initially, had only first class and second class accommodation.
Former Councilor in Dorok community, Hon Leo Densak who disclosed the abduction of the second class monarch said that the gunmen numbering over ten people stormed his house on Monday night at about 8 pm and whisked him away to an unknown destination while shooting sporadically to scare villagers away as they made their escape.
Second class: 1 P Mitchell 77-12-65; 2 M Gordon 81-12-69, John Davidson 83-14-69.