second language

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second language

1. (Linguistics) a language other than the mother tongue that a person or community uses for public communication, esp in trade, higher education, and administration
2. (Linguistics) a non-native language officially recognized and adopted in a multilingual country as a means of public communication
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sec′ond lan′guage

1. a language learned by a person after his or her native language, esp. as a resident of an area where it is in general use.
2. a language widely used, esp. in trade, government, and education, in a region where all or most of its speakers are nonnative.
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Okyeame Kwame the Rap Doctor has bemoaned government's consideration of French as a second language for Ghana, saying such a move will be very disrespectful to our culture.
The learning needs of second language learners in national education systems differ fundamentally from those of SLLs in the international community.
The study aims to examine the types of motivational orientations exhibited by students at the Pakistani universities for second language acquisition (SLA).
Past work experience includes the Howard Community College dean of English and world languages, acting division chair, associate chair, and director of English as a Second Language, full-time faculty, and adjunct faculty.
ASL can function as a first language that supports the learning of written/spoken English as a second language. On the whole, bilingual research has shown that fluency in a first language is a strong predictor of second language skill: competence in a second language is a function of proficiency in a first language.
CONCERNS have been raised that a Welsh Government agency plans to carry out a consultation on teaching Welsh as a second language despite promises that the practice would be ditched.
CHILDREN WITH ENGLISH AS SECOND LANGUAGE OUTPERFORMING NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS Jane E Evans More resources are put towards educating children who use English as a second language is one reason.
Among the resources that writers can obtain during the writing process, feedback from teacher and peers is central, especially in a second language or foreign language setting because it promotes the sense of an audience in the students and sensitizes them to the needs of readers (Arslan & [section]ahin-Kizil, 2010; Liu & Sadler, 2003).
Despite this, Chinese as a Second Language remains the least studied of the six most commonly taught languages in schools (Japanese, Italian, French, Indonesian, German, and Chinese).
This article iterates the results of integrating literacy into SLA (Second Language Acquisition) from a constructivist's perspective in preparing syllabi, pedagogical activities and testing.

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