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a. Of or relating to a person or persons whose parents are immigrants.
b. Of or relating to a person or persons whose parents are citizens by birth and whose grandparents are immigrants.
2. Of or relating to a member or members of the second generation of a family to do something or achieve something: second-generation college students.
3. Of, relating to, or being the second form or version of a product or technology: second-generation software; second-generation antihistamines.
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3, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Current evidence does not support routine use of haloperidol or second-generation antipsychotics for prevention or treatment of delirium in hospitalized adults, according to two reviews published online Sept.
Stuckey described detailed studies conducted by Constellation Pharmaceuticals to characterize molecules from the Company's second-generation EZH2 inhibitor program.
Many reports say that the second-generation AirPods could offer more than just audio, but there's no solid evidence of that just yet.
With global oil prices now on relatively improving pace, multinational energy giant Royal Dutch Shell plc is eyeing to make headway on previously stalled ventures in second-generation biofuel technologies.
This "second-generation" design solution allows the company to rebalance the product's configuration, enabling it to be more successful.
In other words, despite the observed correlations between mothers' parenting styles across two generations with respect to all three styles of parenting, the reported parenting style of the second-generation mothers in the study was more authoritative and permissive, and less authoritarian, than the first-generation parenting style.
That second-generation car offers class-leading active safety features, including standard-fit autonomous emergency braking (AEB), large animal detection and blind-spot monitoring.
This is sure to become the ultimate second-generation Firebird reference book.
In 2016, first-generation Ashkenazi men who immigrated to Israel before 1989 topped the list with an average wage of NIS 17,640; after them were second-generation Ashkenazi men, with NIS 15,099; second-generation Mizrahi men followed with NIS 14,406; then first-generation Mizrahi men who immigrated before 1989, with NIS 12,761; Ashkenazi men who immigrated after 1990, with NIS 12,005; and first-generation Ashkenazi women who immigrated before 1989, with NIS 11,037.
The research showed that 38% of second-generation SFOs were investing at least 15% percent of their total portfolios into alternatives, compared with 20% percent of first-generation single-family offices allocating at this level.
SAN DIEGO -- Second-generation long-acting injectable (LAI), vs.