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second string

The group of players that substitute for the starting players or from which substitute players are drawn on a sports team.

sec′ond-string′ adj.
sec′ond-string′er (-strĭng′ər) n.
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Adj.1.second-string - being a replacement or substitute for a regular member of a team; "a second-string pitcher"
secondary - being of second rank or importance or value; not direct or immediate; "the stone will be hauled to a secondary crusher"; "a secondary source"; "a secondary issue"; "secondary streams"


A. ADJsuplente
B. Nsustituto m
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ASSISTANT coach Jonathan Humphreys insists Scotland are not putting out a second-string line-up against South Africa this afternoon.
The Capital One Cup is seen as an opportunity to give your second-string a run out - to prove beyond doubt that they are definitely your second-string.
As part of the second-string effort, Saipem will provide engineering, managing pipe storage terminals and connect the offshore pipeline to the landfall sections using above-water tie-ins.
Summary: Barcelona: Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick to help a second-string Argentina record an easy 4-0 .
Pulis will play a second-string side, with the Potters having already qualified for the last 32 and the clash coming three days after Sunday's 2-1 victory over Tottenham and three days before another Barclays Premier League match at Wolves.
GIANT South Africa lock Danie Rossouw has reacted angrily to suggestions he is part of a second-string Springbok side which will take on Australia in tomorrow night's Tri-Nations opener in Sydney.
Australia's second-string ended the match with two hookers in the front row and England took full advantage as Barkley sealed an unconvincing win.
Australia's second-string ended up with two hookers in the front row and England's scrum milked their good fortune as Barkley's boot sealed the win.
It is also likely that these teams may field their second-string teams for the event.
However, Wales No 2 Shaun Edwards warned: "I found it quite humorous when I heard people say South Africa had some second-string players, and Butch James' name was mentioned.
London, Dec 17(ANI): Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has condemned Wolverhampton Wanderers for playing a second-string team against Manchester United, which saw them surrender meekly to a 3-0 defeat.
Robinson made his second-string debut against Newcastle Benfield on Tuesday night.