secondary colors

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primary colors, secondary colors - In dyes, pigments, and paints, the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue—which mix to make the secondary colors: orange, green, and purple.
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Color Blocked" is an exciting experience for young children learning their primary colors and also learning more about creating secondary colors through all kinds of fun interactions with books, their best friends.
For example, the nutcrackers could be created of only primary colors or they could use only secondary colors.
The broader MetLife brand palette expands to include a range of vibrant secondary colors, reflecting the diverse lives of its customers.
Explore primary and secondary colors using cake frosting and food coloring and decorate sugar cookies using the colors created.
With the exception of Tension Building, 2013--a video composed from stop-motion footage Beckman shot while moving through the stands of a university football stadium, combined with short clips of game play on the field--all of the films in the exhibition seethe with a saturated palette of primary or secondary colors.
Combine those primary colors and their secondary colors of red, blue and green and the possibilities are almost endless
Students count the primary and secondary colors, and learn how primaries mix together to make secondaries.
Her work in this book is rendered in acrylics using vibrant primary and secondary colors.
The results are presented in two dimensional forms for the primaries (CMY) and for the secondary colors (RGB).
Students cut out both organic and geometric shapes from primary and secondary colors of construction paper.
Most hues contain other hues: Mixing primary colors red, yellow, and blue produces secondary colors orange, green, and purple.