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n. pl. sec·re·tar·ies
1. A person employed to handle correspondence, keep files, and do clerical work for another person or an organization.
2. An officer who keeps records, takes minutes of the meetings, and answers correspondence, as for a company.
3. An official who presides over an administrative department of state.
4. A desk with a small bookcase on top.

[Middle English secretarie, from Medieval Latin sēcrētārius, confidential officer, clerk, from Latin sēcrētus, secret; see secret.]

sec′re·tar′i·al (-târ′ē-əl) adj.


(ˌsɛk rɪˈtɛər i əl)

pertaining to a secretary or a secretary's skills and work.
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Adj.1.secretarial - of or relating to a secretary or to a secretary's work


[ˌsekrəˈtɛərɪəl] ADJ secretarial collegecolegio m de secretariado
secretarial coursecurso m de secretariado
secretarial servicesservicios mpl de secretaría
secretarial school = secretarial college secretarial skillstécnicas fpl de secretaría
secretarial worktrabajo m de secretario


[ˌsɛkrəˈtɛəriəl] adjde secrétaire, de secrétariatsecretarial college secretarial school nécole f de secrétariat


adj job, qualificationsals Sekretärin/Sekretär; to do a secretarial courseeinen Sekretärinnenkurs machen, einen Kurs für Bürofachkräfte machen; secretarial workSekretariatsarbeit f; secretarial collegeSchule ffür Bürofachkräfte; secretarial staffSekretärinnen und Schreibkräfte pl; (of politician)Stab m; she joined his secretarial staffsie wurde Sekretärin bei ihm; basic secretarial skillsgrundlegende Fertigkeiten plals Bürofachkraft


[ˌsɛkrəˈtɛərɪəl] adj (work) → di segreteria; (college, course) → di segretariato


(ˈsekrətəri) plural ˈsecretaries noun
1. a person employed to write letters, keep records and make business arrangements etc for another person. He dictated a letter to his secretary.
2. a (sometimes unpaid) person who deals with the official business of an organization etc. The secretary read out the minutes of the society's last meeting.
ˌsecreˈtarial (-ˈteə-) adjective
of a secretary or his/her duties. trained in secretarial work; at secretarial college.
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Within a few days Madame Rabourdin, having watched him narrowly and knowingly, believed she had found on the secretarial plank a spot where she might safely set her foot.
A door opened, a white-haired secretarial head, but wearing a compassionate expression, appeared, and a skinny forefinger beckoned me into the sanctuary.
You had better try the Secretarial Department,' he said at last, sidling to the bell and ringing it.
Incorporating ten authors and three secretaries, the BigHand for Healthcare digital dictation solution is being used to help eliminate problems with analogue tape-based systems breaking, to enable work to be shared amongst the secretarial team and to allow the prioritisation of dictation of letters.
ISLAMABAD, February 23, 2010 (Frontier Star): Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit has clarified that no changes have been made in 8-Members Pakistani delegation visiting to India to held Secretarial Level dialogues with India.
The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook packs in details for all management assistants, secretaries and executive assistants and covers everything from communication skills to organizing meetings and events, managing time, presentation skills, networking, and managing conflict on the job.
SECRETARIAL training provider Pitman Training yesterday opened a new Liverpool base and said it was investing more than pounds 500,000 in the operation over the next five years.
He said that after the meeting between Zardari and Manmohan Singh, Secretarial level talks will be held and later, political leadership will meet in sidelines of 9th Summit Meeting in Egypt.
Bonsai Secretarial Compliance Services aims to deliver an above average service to its clients and is committed to making a difference in the auditing industry.
Jean Carr was picked out as the Hays Secretarial Top Temporary Worker in Newcastle.

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