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A polypeptide hormone that is produced in the duodenum, especially on contact with acid, and that inhibits gastric secretion of acid and stimulates secretion of bile, insulin, and pancreatic digestive enzymes.


(Physiology) a peptic hormone secreted by the mucosae of the duodenum and jejunum when food passes from the stomach
[C20: from secretion + -in]


(sɪˈkri tɪn)

a polypeptide hormone, produced in the small intestine, that activates the pancreas to secrete pancreatic juice.
[< German Secretin (1902); see secretion, -in1]
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Noun1.secretin - a gastrointestinal hormone that stimulates the secretion of water and bicarbonate from the pancreas and bile ducts whenever the stomach empties too much acid into the small intestine
gastrointestinal hormone, GI hormones - hormones that affect gastrointestinal functioning
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Secretin MRCP (s-MRCP), a dynamic MR pancreatography exam performed following secretin administration, can overcome many of these limitations by improving visualization of the pancreatic duct and increasing the diagnostic value of MRCP.
Secretin and vasoactive intestinal peptide receptors: members of a unique family of G protein-coupled receptors.
On the other hand, secretin, an amino-acid polypeptide that aids digestion, as well as vitamin B6-magnesium were both safe, but did not have any positive effect on autism.
Effect of graded amonnts of acid instilled into the duodenum on pancreatic bicarbonate secretion and plasma secretin in duodenal ulcer patients and normal subjects.
Intravenous secretin for autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
The purpose of this randomised, controlled study was to investigate the anti-hyperglycaemic efficacy of NAG root extract in mouse models of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and explore its effects on insulin secretin and pancreatic [beta]-cells.
Those theories have resulted in numerous biological or nonbiological treatment suggestions, such as gluten-free or casein-free diets, secretin, withholding immunizations, or craniosacral manipulation.
Secretin as a neurohypophysial factor regulating body water homeostasis.
In this study, during such routine endoscopies, physicians injected the substance secretin intravenously, to fool the pancreas into believing the stomach contains food that the pancreas needs to help digest.
The secretion of secretin from the duodenum is induced by the arrival of acidic chyme from the stomach.
It's mode of action is to stimulate the release of secretin.
Scahill reminded his audience that "in the 1990s, secretin was going to be the cure for autism" until a series of placebo-controlled studies showed no benefit.