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Noun1.sectarist - a member of a sect; "most sectarians are intolerant of the views of any other sect"
bigot - a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own
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(69) He told George III (Letters, above n 50, 17-8): 'So long as the King's Supremacy and the main fabric of the Act of Uniformity, the doctrine, discipline, and government of the [Church of England], are preserved as the national church, and the provision for its ministers kept as an appropriate fund, it seems that any ease given to the sectarists [i.e.
There were difficulties to overcome: Notwithstanding the opposition evinced by certain narrow-minded Sectarists (who fancied that they alone ought to Instruct the people) I battled the contemplated Society into existence, and my efforts were crowned with signal success; for our Meetings were full to overflowing.