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 (sĕk′təl, -tīl′)
Of or relating to a mineral that can be cut or severed smoothly by a knife but cannot withstand pulverization.

[Latin sectilis, from sectus, past participle of secāre, to cut; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]

sec·til′i·ty (-tĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
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able to be cut smoothly
[C18: from Latin sectilis, from secāre to cut]
sectility n
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(ˈsɛk tɪl)

capable of being cut smoothly with a knife.
[1710–20; < Latin sectilis, derivative of sec(āre) to cut]
sec•til′i•ty, n.
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He provides plans and drawings of several buildings, such as the North Palace at Masada and the Augusteum at Sebaste, but once again, photographs and drawings of architectural sculpture, opus sectile, and frescoes would have made doubly clear Herod's plan of Romanization through his architectural program.
Also referred to as parchinkari in South Asia, the art originated in the ancient Roman opus sectile technique, later finding its revival and development in the hands of the Florentines during the Italian Renaissance of the 16th century.
La decoracion arquitectonica del forum novum y su templo fue realizada mayoritariamente en marmol de Luni (Marquez, 2004: 114 y ss.) (33), aunque tambien se usaron otros marmoles blancos--tanto importados como locales (Marquez, 2004: 115)--y policromos, estos principalmente para solerias interiores de opus sectile (Gutierrez, 2007: 100 y ss.).
Alem do mosaico tesselado, verificamos ainda, na epoca imperial, o florescimento do opus sectile, o 'mosaico retalhado', confeccionado com pecas maiores de vidro ou marmore cortadas sob a forma de losangos, quadrados, triangulos e poligonos, o que explica o seu custo elevado em comparacao aos demais (Bernardes, 2008).
This was the earliest of the Sicilian churches to be decorated in the style of the Cappella Palatina, Cefalu, and Monreale, the great royal churches with Byzantine mosaics, opus sectile pavements, extravagant use of porphyry, inscriptions in Arabic and Greek, wooden doors and fittings carved in the Fatimid style, stained glass in plaster window grilles with Arabic inscriptions, stonework with ablaq inlaid decoration, and painted wooden panels.
The casements at floor level are decorated with opus sectile. Each exedra has five windows, some of which are blind.
Executed in the opus sectile technique, Tower masterfully merges precision stone placement with evocative imagery.
His use of a brush and knife-highlighting the sectile quality of painting--with acrylic paint signal a technique determined to underscore this fact.