section off

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w>section off

vt sepabteilen; (= cordon off)absperren
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Gazprom kicked off the construction of the pipeline's seabed section off the Russian Black Sea shore on May 7.
FOLLOWING a scoreless first half few were expecting ten goals after the break when East Coast Strikers ran out 9-1 winners over North End United to get the under-13 section off to an explosive start.
Section off the top and front side sections of your hair, then clip it all out of the way.
Hair and beauty section off to the side (shown in pics).
Area organiser Shelley Mills said: "We are completely flexible and could fit into any space offered, be it a shop unit, sharing space with another organisation, a small area for a few tables or a large space that we could section off.
Garbage was scattered about at various locations and the hydro poles used to section off parking areas had also been moved.

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