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tr.v. sec·tion·al·ized, sec·tion·al·iz·ing, sec·tion·al·iz·es
To divide into sections, especially into geographic sections.

sec′tion·al·i·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈsɛkʃənəˌlaɪzd) or


1. divided into sections
2. commerce divided into small tasks
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To be truly meaningful, human rights values cannot be sectionalized and isolated from one another.
There are several songs in rondeau form, which seems to mean a piece that is sectionalized with the opening passage recurring at the end (essentially AABBCCAA).
The topics include the history and concept of boundaries, the creation and interpretation of metes and bounds and other non-sectionalized descriptions, riparian and littoral boundaries, retracing and resurveying sectionalized lands, locating combination descriptions and conveyances, and the ethics and moral responsibilities of boundary creation and of retracements.
It reminded me how rhythmically sectionalized this piece is: It seems to be constructed of many interconnected pieces that each have their own rhythmic world.
Yoshikazu Shiba, president of TKS, said, "Our Jetleader is a leader in its field, being the world's first digital inkjet printing system that produces sectionalized newspapers inline.
Digging capacity options include: boom options 6, 8 and 10 feet; depths provided by sectionalized single or double chain boom systems.
The Sapper Pac contains Gerber demolition explosive technician (DET) multi-pliers with numerous tool points and nut drivers, an Inova X1MT flashlight designed with a wand attachment for signaling and a stake attachment for planting in the ground, a sectionalized mine probe with shaft extensions and multiple metal and plastic tips, a credit card-size bendable trip wire grapnel with 15 meters of 550 cord, an inspection mirror, and a thumb saw that cuts through wood and metal.
The Victorian Novel is idiosyncratically but intriguingly sectionalized, so that after a light-footed introduction we find sections on the different historical eras and a consideration of changing perspectives, involving brief mini-chapters on, for instance, 'History', 'Biography', 'Detectives' , and so forth.
Each of these parts is again sectionalized and presents in list form a series of referenced facts which are considered core knowledge, making it easy to find any section of interest.
I think the editorial quality of our publications, the local focus we maintain and the manner in which we're sectionalized on an individual market basis are key components in our success," says Conlon.
As a consequence, profile optimizers using steam boxes and sectionalized zone control rolls can provide superior control performance.