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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular district.
2. Composed of or divided into component sections.
A piece of furniture, especially a sofa, made up of sections that can be used separately or together.

sec′tion·al·ly adv.
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360 Liposuction targets the body circumferentially rather than sectionally to create the ideal proportions.
Another study which was done cross sectionally conducted in National Centre for Public Health Laboratories of Aden Yemen, Bakhubaira [13] concluded that the mean thrombocyte count estimated by manual and electronic method was not significantly different, which is showing similarity to our study.
When I turned my attention to large sectionally thrown and altered vases it made sense to use maquettes to work out new shapes and ideas.
The higher lean mass with ACE-I/ARB use that was demonstrated cross sectionally, but not longitudinally, herein could reflect a threshold effect of these medications on LBM that is attenuated over time.
If needed, for example, in switch and crossing, the bending stiffness of the beam can be varied sectionally along the track.
We evaluated the relationship between dependence severity and trait mindfulness cross sectionally at the first meeting and followed up the patients for six weeks to assess the relationship between trait mindfulness and cannabis use by repeated urine tests.
To simplify the calculation we shall assume that the refractive index is r(z) = [r.sub.o](1 + q(z)) with q(z), a sectionally constant periodic function defined as
An indirect test occurs when the business risk-leverage relationship implied by a theory is cross sectionally tested over many firms.
where the double overbars signify cross sectionally averaged values and the subscript o indicates conditions at the nozzle exit, and [[??].sub.f], [[rho].sub.f] and S are mass flow rate, fuel density and cross section area, respectively.
(p=0.001) and concluded that microalbuminuria is associated cross sectionally with the presence of retinopathy in persons with diabetes type II.
For this reason we introduce a new doubly periodic function [PHI] which is sectionally analytic in [Q.sub.(0,0)] and in [mathematical expression not reproducible] and has zero jumps along each [partial derivative][D.sub.k,]k = 1, 2, ..., N.
Intended to tighten party cohesion by ensuring that members would face the consequences if they failed to cast their public ballot for their party's candidate, the new system, in practice, also opened members to greater pressure on cross-cutting issues, such as slavery expansion and other sectional matters, as sectionally radicalized voters could be expected to punish members who supported a candidate deemed "unsound" on the slavery issue.