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 (sĕk′tər, -tôr′)
1. A part or division, as of a city or a national economy: the manufacturing sector.
2. Mathematics
a. The portion of a circle bounded by two radii and the included arc.
b. A measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged together at one end.
3. Computers A portion of a storage device making up the smallest addressable unit of information.
a. A division of a defensive position for which one military unit is responsible.
b. A division of an offensive military position.
tr.v. sec·tored, sec·tor·ing, sec·tors
To divide (something) into sectors.

[Late Latin, from Latin, cutter, from sectus, past participle of secāre, to cut; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]

sec·to′ri·al (-tôr′ē-əl) adj.
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1. of or relating to a sector
2. (Zoology) zoology
a. adapted for cutting: the sectorial teeth of carnivores.
b. designating a vein in the wing of an insect that links certain branches of the radius vein
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Adj.1.sectorial - relating to or resembling a sector; "a sectorial box"
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ISLAMABAD -- Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Chairman, CDA has directed to clear wild growth / vegetation from all parks, grounds, green belts, sectorial area, business centers within five (05) days.
The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is ensuring implementation of building by-laws not only in the sectorial area but also in housing societies falling in capital's territorial limits.
ISLAMABAD -- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) was ensuring implementation of building by-laws not only in the sectorial area but also in housing societies falling in capital's territorial limits.
Sectorial breakdown of exports in 2018 shows the solid sales performance of manufacturing industries (+17%) in connection with the depreciation of the Dinar against the euro in particular, which is a factor of competitiveness.
Consequently as authorized vide Clause No: 14 of GSA for Industrial Customers approved by OGRA and allowed by ECC of the Cabinet to manage Gas Load according to approved Sectorial Priority Order, all general industries, including their captive power plants, will remain closed from Sunday, July 14, 2019 from 8.00 a.m.
FBCCI expected assistance from concerned ministries to conduct research and development activities in agriculture, manufacturing, service and quaternary economic sectorial scan.
On sectorial performance, all sector indices closed in the red, with the Banking (-4.31%) index leading the pack, followed closely by the Consumer Goods (-4.13%), Industrial Goods (-3.88%), Insurance (-3.35%), and Oil and Gas (-2.32%) indices.
The Uzbek side will organize meetings of seven sectorial bodies as a co-chair state of the CIS,Trendreports with reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.
County Assembly Sectorial Committee chairmen said they have difficulties giving answers on statements sought by MCAs, because the executives are mean with information.
In the first phase, new SOPs have been formulated for swift issuance of No Demand Certificates (NDC) for transfer of residential properties in the residential sectorial area of Islamabad.