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 (sĕk′tər, -tôr′)
1. A part or division, as of a city or a national economy: the manufacturing sector.
2. Mathematics
a. The portion of a circle bounded by two radii and the included arc.
b. A measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged together at one end.
3. Computers A portion of a storage device making up the smallest addressable unit of information.
a. A division of a defensive position for which one military unit is responsible.
b. A division of an offensive military position.
tr.v. sec·tored, sec·tor·ing, sec·tors
To divide (something) into sectors.

[Late Latin, from Latin, cutter, from sectus, past participle of secāre, to cut; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]

sec·to′ri·al (-tôr′ē-əl) adj.


1. of or relating to a sector
2. (Zoology) zoology
a. adapted for cutting: the sectorial teeth of carnivores.
b. designating a vein in the wing of an insect that links certain branches of the radius vein
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Adj.1.sectorial - relating to or resembling a sector; "a sectorial box"
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Asked where GE would most like to be in Africa, both sectorially and geographically, Immelt selects off-grid power generation.
Many countries have always shown a tendency to concentrate their modern footwear manufacturing industry in a few very sectorially specialized clusters, even when not dominated by small companies.
This has served to prop up ailing areas but has been money wasted, because the industry itself is dying, the main criterion for sensible investments clearly being cautiously based, sectorially, around the future prospects of an industry, not upon geographical, regional needs.