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n. pl. sec·u·lar·i·ties
1. The condition or quality of being secular.
2. Something secular.


n, pl -ties
1. the state or condition of being secular
2. interest in or adherence to secular things
3. a secular concern or matter


(ˌsɛk yəˈlær ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. secular views or beliefs; secularism.
2. the state of being devoted to the affairs of the world; worldliness.
3. a secular matter.
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Multiple Secularities Beyond the West: Religion and Modernity in the Global Age
Hence, the poem provides a useful vantage point for exploring the remarkable complexity of Victorian secularities and reveals why the secular has the capacity to offer experiences of enchantment.
Taylor observes that in the present age there are many secularities, and some of them, drawing on ancient religious forms, "compensate for our own [modern] narrowness, to remind us of all that we need to complement for our partiality" (p.
Its concerns are as much about valuing sexual orientation, genders, faiths and secularities as it is about race and ethnicity.
s stories offers a plausible genealogy of the various secularities in Eastern and Western worlds; they both simply rehearse theories of the meaning of the Enlightenment.