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a. Worldly rather than spiritual: the secular affairs of the parish.
b. Not relating to religion or to a religious body; nonreligious: secular music.
c. Not bound by the full monastic rule of a religious order. Used of clergy.
2. Relating to or advocating secularism.
a. Occurring or observed once in an age or century, as games in ancient Rome.
b. Lasting or persisting for a long time: a secular bear market.
c. Astronomy Of or relating to characteristics of astronomical phenomena that change slowly over time.
1. A member of the secular clergy.
2. A layperson.

[Middle English, from Old French seculer, from Late Latin saeculāris, from Latin, of an age, from saeculum, generation, age.]

sec′u·lar·ly adv.
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But he knew that "moral science" was taught secularly at the college; and he felt that where morals were made a department of science the demand for religion must fall off proportionately.
"With enterprise IT spend focused on digital transformation, Salesforce remains one of the best secularly positioned names in software and a long-term share gainer within an estimated $200B+ Total Addressable Market."
In what follows, the author attempts to reconstruct Heidegger's mid-career ontology as analogically and secularly organized.
What happens when these same secularly bridled institutions continually raise the issues of race, gender and class, and persistently emphasize our differences in regards to such?
The analyst views Harley as the "worst positioned" within his Powersports coverage given its concentration in a "secularly declining" motorcycle market.
Best Buy is the leading national consumer electronics retailer, though industry trends remain highly competitive and secularly challenged, reflected in its much lower EBITDA margins (6%) versus Michael Kors (25%).
The answer it seems to me lies in the way that the other half of the angels' message has been amended to something more secularly acceptable.
In a bid to avoid trouble with the CCP, Finley added, some restaurant owners are now engaging in self-censorship: they are opening new, secularly branded restaurants.
"We view Tesla as a disruptive technology growth company with differentiated products and strong brand presence in the secularly growing and equally disruptive markets of electric vehicles, energy storage, and energy generation," Um said.
Pakistani society is clearly divided in religiously orthodox and acute secularly modern and socially out of bound liberal classes.
The Hindi film business has long been one of India's most secularly united industries with no distinction being made between Hindus and Muslims.