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adj. se·cur·er, se·cur·est
1. Free from danger or attack: a secure fortress.
2. Free from risk of loss; safe: Her papers were secure in the vault.
3. Free from the risk of being intercepted or listened to by unauthorized persons: Only one telephone line in the embassy was secure.
4. Free from fear, anxiety, or doubt: felt secure in his old job.
a. Not likely to fail or give way; stable: a secure stepladder.
b. Firmly fastened: a secure lock.
6. Reliable; dependable: secure investments.
7. Assured; certain: With three goals in the first period they had a secure victory, but somehow they lost.
8. Archaic Careless or overconfident.
tr.v. se·cured, se·cur·ing, se·cures
1. To guard from danger or risk of loss: The troops secured the area before the civilians were allowed to return.
2. To make firm or tight; fasten. See Synonyms at fasten.
3. To make certain; ensure: The speaker could not secure the goodwill of the audience.
a. To guarantee payment of (a loan, for example).
b. To guarantee payment to (a creditor).
5. To get possession of; acquire: secured a job.
6. To capture or confine: They secured the suspect in the squad car.
7. To bring about; effect: secured release of the hostages.
8. To protect or ensure the privacy or secrecy of (a telephone line, for example).

[Latin sēcūrus : sē-, without; see s(w)e- in Indo-European roots + cūra, care; see cure.]

se·cur′a·ble adj.
se·cure′ly adv.
se·cure′ment n.
se·cure′ness n.
se·cur′er n.
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Noun1.securer - someone who obtains or acquires; "the procurer of opera tickets"
acquirer - a person who acquires something (usually permanently)
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It may be that across the immensity of space the Martians have watched the fate of these pioneers of theirs and learned their lesson, and that on the planet Venus they have found a securer settlement.
But if thou think, trial unsought may finde Us both securer then thus warnd thou seemst, Go; for thy stay, not free, absents thee more; Go in thy native innocence, relie On what thou hast of vertue, summon all, For God towards thee hath done his part, do thine.
The WAF divided into two broad categories its remedies to make the environment safer and securer for the victims and survivors to speak up about sexual violence and not have to worry about legal repercussions.
Addressing the UN Human Habitat assembly in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, the minister said the Kingdom is keeping up the momentum of the SDGs achievement, particularly Goal 11 in terms of making the cities and human settlements all inclusive, safer, securer and capable of sustainable progress.
Cloud solutions have matured over the years and are securer when working with compliant vendors.
The prospect of a Labour government is a little remoter today and the Tories a little securer as a result of the split.
NEW Look has issued a warning over profits and announced plans for a debt-for-equity swap as part of a painful restructuring aimed at putting the struggling fashion retailer on a securer financial footing.
NEW Look is set to fall into the clutches of its lenders as part of a painful restructuring aimed at putting the struggling fashion retailer on a securer financial footing.
That way, yields increase, land is protected, and livelihoods are securer.
The NYUAD Design for Excellence lab is leading global developments on cybersecurity, providing both industry bodies and academic circles with insights around securer and safer computer systems.
It is to be understood that the economic trajectory is inextricably linked with the security of the state, the securer the state, the better the economy and that's turn out to be the dominant reasons to figure out as to why India intends to keep the pot boiling in Pakistan.
<p class="textbox" dir="ltr">"Pet specialty stores are a critical component and, in fact, are the backbone for building securer communities with the aim of safe-guarding our pets," Lamstein said.