security risk

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security risk

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person deemed to be a threat to state security in that he could be open to pressure, have subversive political beliefs, etc

secu′rity risk`

a person considered by authorities as likely to commit acts that might threaten the security of a country.
مُخاطَرَه أمنِيَّه
nespolehlivá osoba
megbízhatatlan elem
maîur sem ekki er hægt aî treysta
nespoľahlivá osoba
güvenilmeyen kimse


(siˈkjuə) adjective
1. (often with against or from) safe; free from danger, loss etc. Is your house secure against burglary?; He went on holiday, secure in the knowledge that he had done well in the exam.
2. firm, fastened, or fixed. Is that door secure?
3. definite; not likely to be lost. She has had a secure offer of a job; He has a secure job.
1. (with against or from (something bad)) to guarantee or make safe. Keep your jewellery in the bank to secure it against theft.
2. to fasten or make firm. He secured the boat with a rope.
seˈcurely adverb
seˈcurity noun
the state of being, or making safe, secure, free from danger etc. the security of a happy home; This alarm system will give the factory some security; There has to be tight security at a prison; (also adjective) the security forces; a security guard.
security risk
a person considered not safe to be given a job involving knowledge of secrets because he might give secret information to an enemy etc.
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