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se·date 1

Serenely deliberate, composed, and dignified in character or manner.

[Latin sēdātus, past participle of sēdāre, to settle, calm; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

se·date′ly adv.
se·date′ness n.

se·date 2

tr.v. se·dat·ed, se·dat·ing, se·dates
To administer a sedative to (a person or animal); calm by means of a sedative drug.

[Back-formation from sedative and sedation.]


(Medicine) med under the influence of a sedative


[sɪˈdeɪtɪd] adj [patient] → sous sédation
lightly sedated → sous sédation légère
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He had to be sedated before being cut free after being found on land at Llanerch-Y-Mor, near Mostyn.
The sedated and blindfolded white rhino before and after having its horn trimmed A WHITE rhino is sedated and blindfolded before it has its horn trimmed at the ranch of rhino breeder John Hume, in the North West Province of South Africa.
A RHINO is sedated as her eggs are harvested at a British safari park to help save her distant Kenyan cousins from extinction with world-first IVF treatment.
He was acquitted of aggravated rape because the court found insuf-ficient evidence that he subjected the woman to sexual intercourse when she was sedated.
SPARK OUT Sedated zebra Melton ready for his dental check-up.
A MOTORCYCLIST involved in a serious road crash had to be sedated by doctors at the scene after he was left him trapped beneath a van.
M6 passenger thrown from car A WOMAN had to be sedated on the M6 after being thrown from a car following a crash.
Lahore -- Initial postmortem report of the 7 out of 8 people, who were found dead at their house in Johar town last evening, has confirmed on Wednesday that all of them were sedated by ammonium powder before being brutally murdered by sledgehammer.
Mr Stewart was rescued by firefighters and rushed to hospital where medics have since sedated him while they attempt to treat the damage caused by the huge amounts of smoke he inhaled.
A DISTRESSED horse had to be sedated after getting its leg stuck in a horsebox.
My mission has been to develop, along with sleep colleagues, a SAM (Sedation Apnea Management) program to increase health care professional awareness and provide essential SAM education, training, screening and assessment evaluation tools for special monitoring of these sedated sleep apnea patients, as well as those deemed high risk for sleep apnea.