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n. pl. se·di·lia (-dĭl′yə, -dĭl′ē-ə)
One of a set of seats provided in a church for the use of the presiding clergy, usually three in number and located on the liturgical south side of the chancel, often in a niche built into the wall.

[Latin sedīle, seat, from sedēre, to sit; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) (functioning as singular) the group of three seats, each called a sedile (sɛˈdaɪlɪ) or sedilium (sɛˈdaɪlɪəm), often recessed, on the south side of a sanctuary where the celebrant and ministers sit at certain points during High Mass
[C18: from Latin, from sedīle a chair, from sedēre to sit]
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The fourth illustration of details contains three images, the astronomical clock, a portion of the sedilia at the high altar, and the bishops throne.
Las lamparas, que iluminaban constantemente el recinto, facilitaban la vision a los fieles que, desde las naves de la catedral, percibirian perfectamente los tres sepulcros reales, situados delante del altar con la Virgen en sus tabernaculos de plata y los simulacros de los reyes que, sentados en el lado del evangelio dentro de un sitial triple de plata, la antigua sedilia liturgica readaptada en el siglo XIV, recibian un homenaje constante, con independencia del ceremonial desarrollado el dia de san Clemente y en el aniversario de Femando III.
ST MARTIN OF TOURS CHURCH, HAVERFORDWEST - PS100,000 St Martins is Grade II* listed as a church of early medieval origins, retaining good 14th Century Gothic chancel arch, sedilia, piscina and porch niches.