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 (sĕd′ə-mĕn′tə-rē, -mĕn′trē) also sed·i·men·tal (-mĕn′tl)
1. Of, containing, resembling, or derived from sediment.
2. Of or relating to rocks formed by the deposition of sediment.
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The Telegram & Gazette recently published an article about the deteriorated condition of Salisbury Pond ("Get 'sedimental' for Salisbury,'' As I See It, Lawrence Freed, Jan.
The sharp point of our human talent, [he wrote], needs to be always competently exercised by a useful sedimental foundation, (73) and by reworking past events and grubbing through present ones, to be taught with what virtues to happily face the future.
6 OLIVIA BLOCK, KARREN (Sedimental) Block combines field recordings with acoustic instruments--a common practice these days, but rarely done so well.
Aquatic sediments can act both as a source and a sink for pollutants, whereby contaminats can lead to sedimental concentrations that can exceed water concentrations (Barron, 1995).
The pond of talent, amidst dregs, is the relative confidence of "sedimental measurement and experimentation", albeit still related to intensity.
However deafening, this noise enables me to reactivate (within my own textual limitations) sedimental memories of the communal environment I am writing about." (p.
This would release soluble protein leaving only membrane and nonvascular matter in a sedimental form.