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1. Of, relating to, or having the nature of sedition: seditious speech.
2. Given to, engaging in, or promoting sedition. See Synonyms at insubordinate.

se·di′tious·ly adv.
se·di′tious·ness n.


[səˈdɪʃəslɪ] advsediziosamente
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132) At the time of writing, it remains an offence to seditiously intend to excite disaffection against the Sovereign, Government, Constitution or either House of Parliament of the United Kingdom.
Interestingly, as Spires states, even though avant-garde artists were accused by their contemporaries of emasculating the male image and creating an effeminate new literary expression, the truth is that "male-authored vanguard texts project female representations that can be considered both seditiously threatening and stereotypically comforting to a virile discursive tradition" (219-20).
66) First, the communication must be made in confidence; second, the confidentiality of the communications must be essential to the nature of the communication; third, the relay between the two communicating parties must be of the sort that, "in the opinion of the community ought to be seditiously fostered"; and fourth, that the injury of disclosure would outweigh the benefits.