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[Middle English cedum, from Latin sedum, houseleek.]


(Plants) any crassulaceous rock plant of the genus Sedum, having thick fleshy leaves and clusters of white, yellow, or pink flowers. See also stonecrop, rose-root, orpine
[C15: from Latin: houseleek]


(ˈsi dəm)

any low, succulent plant of the genus Sedum, stonecrop family, with broad-toothed leaves and clusters of small flowers.
[1400–50; late Middle English cedum < Latin sedum houseleek]
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Noun1.sedum - any of various plants of the genus Sedumsedum - any of various plants of the genus Sedum
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
genus Sedum - large genus of rock plants having thick fleshy leaves
stonecrop - any of various northern temperate plants of the genus Sedum having fleshy leaves and red or yellow or white flowers
midsummer-men, rose-root, Sedum rosea - Eurasian mountain plant with fleshy pink-tipped leaves and a cluster of yellow flowers
live-forever, livelong, orpin, orpine, Sedum telephium - perennial northern temperate plant with toothed leaves and heads of small purplish-white flowers


[ˈsiːdəm] n (Bot) → sedo
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In Athletics 100m boys, Huzaifa from Sedum School Islamabad clinched the first position while Maaz Zafar of Special Olympics and Aziz Ahmed of Behria Special School Islamabad stood second and third, respectively.
If you prefer a softer look, consider echoing the rich salmon colour of Achillea Lansdorferglut with Sedum Autumn Joy and Japanese anemones against Hydrangea macrophylla.
Sedum has tiny succulent leaves that are topped by clusters of bright yellow flowers.
Living roofs of sedum plants will help the buildings blend into the environment when viewed from higher ground.
Beautiful contrasts can be achieved as there is such a variety of foliage colour available, from rich and vivid to delicate and subtle Sedum 'Cape Blanco' Succulents make a great display seed potatoes and positioning the grow bags where they will get at least six hours of direct sunshine every day.
Sedum 'Cape Blanco' Each year at the Chelsea Flower Show, growers and nurserymen put forward new plants to be judged by the RHS, all competing for the prestigious title of Plant of the Year.
Indoors, you can experiment with echeveria and haworthia, while outdoors, you can use succulent alpine plants such as sedum or sempervivum.
SEDUM 'AUTUMN JOY' IF you're looking for some autumnal sparkle, try out this sedum.
After they're cut down in winter, attention shifts to the evergreen mugo pine, red-stemmed Sedum 'Matrona', and rosemary (bottom right).
The most obvious example and a useful plant for all our gardens is the sedum.