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Noun1.seed catalogue - a list advertising seeds and their prices
catalogue, catalog - a complete list of things; usually arranged systematically; "it does not pretend to be a catalog of his achievements"
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The Commission wanted to put an end to a Greek ban on Monsanto's MON810 variety of GM-maize seeds - the grain has been listed in the EU's seed catalogue and should legally be able to be sold in all the EU member states.
The 2005 seed catalogue for Ball Colegrave will also feature this summer's display.
T & T Seed catalogue has a white skinned pumpkin variety called Casper that ripens in 90 days.
The Stone Hammer Poems (1975) contains mostly short pieces, and other verse collections include The Ledger (1975), Seed Catalogue (1977), The Sad Phoenician (1979), Field Notes (1981), and Advice to My Friends (1985).
The Commission had listed the MON810 seeds in the EU seed catalogue back in September, permitting their sale across the EU.
Featuring hundreds of varieties ranging from Abutilon to Zelkova, its seed catalogue is the largest illustrated seed catalogue in the world.
IT'S seed catalogue time again and for me that means getting down to one of the most enjoyable tasks of the year.
The new season's seed catalogue have now dropped on the doormat, so it is the ideal time to take a look at what new vegetable varieties may be worth growing in 2012.
IT would be very interesting to have a 50-year-old seed catalogue from each of our major seed houses.
Check out The Real Seed Catalogue (, 01239 821107) for heritage and organic-raised seeds of your favourite plants.
More information on Caledonian kale can be found in Advanta Seeds' new game cover seed catalogue.
Visit or for a free packet of Echium seeds and a seed catalogue send two loose first class stamps (to cover postage) with your name and address to: FREE MIRROR SEEDS (Plant World), Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 4SE Thompson and Morgan Still on the subject of cosmos - and it's such a great plant - Thompson and Morgan have a new cosmos which is uniquely yellow.