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adj. seed·i·er, seed·i·est
1. Having many seeds.
2. Resembling seeds or a seed.
3. Worn and shabby; unkempt: "He was soiled and seedy and fragrant with gin" (Mark Twain).
4. Somewhat disreputable; squalid: a seedy hotel in a run-down neighborhood.
5. Chiefly British Tired or sick; unwell.

seed′i·ly adv.
seed′i·ness n.


[ˈsiːdɪlɪ] ADV [dress] → andrajosamente, desastradamente
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Catfishing, as it's known, has seen her contacted by people who have been conned by her picture being used on a dating website, or more seedily, on a pay-per-view webcam.
Road network was being laid in the province and means of communication w ere being completed seedily to provide better travel and commercial facilities.
As Blues boss Guus Hiddink commented seedily after the first leg: "Scoring away is always good."