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ISLAMABAD -- Though aerial seeding is not a new phenomenon in the federal capital, it has been decided to use drones for forest densification on the Margalla Hills this time.
Due to improved genetics and production practices, soybean growers are now more aware of the importance of using appropriate seeding rates and seed treatments; this is meant to reduce risk and economically improve yield goals.
If the test date was more than nine months ago, plan to bump up your seeding rate to make up for a declining germination rate--if you're comfortable guessing.
Given two varieties of peas with the same yield potential (1735 kg/ha) but different seed sizes, where variety A has a 100 seed weight of 15 g and variety B has a 100 seed weight of 30 g, variety A would have 124 kg/ha higher actual yield than variety B at current seeding rates of 80 seeds/[m.sup.2].
`One year's seeding results in seven years of weeding" is as true today as it was when expressed hundreds of years ago.
Karina Lefevre fulfilled her seeding, finishing in fifth place with an overall good performance.
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