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n, pl seedsmen
1. (Commerce) a seed merchant
2. (Horticulture) a seed merchant


(ˈsidz mən)

also seed•man


n., pl. -men.
1. a sower of seed.
2. a dealer in seed.
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Noun1.seedsman - a dealer in seeds
bargainer, dealer, monger, trader - someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold


n pl <-men> → Samenhändler m
References in classic literature ?
Well,' said that suddenly-transformed individual, as he took his seat on the outside of the Eatanswill coach next morning; 'I wonder whether I'm meant to be a footman, or a groom, or a gamekeeper, or a seedsman.
Pumblechook's premises in the High-street of the market town, were of a peppercorny and farinaceous character, as the premises of a corn-chandler and seedsman should be.
Will, anthropologist son of Oscar Will, the Bismarck, North Dakota, seedsman who promoted Native American varieties in his catalogs.
Ard Groot, a seventh-generation seedsman rooted in the long history of the family business model in the Netherlands' seed industry, took over as the new chair of East-West Seed on Jan.
Pte Baird was a former seedsman with a Glasgow firm.
The higher Nilus swells, The more it promises; as it ebbs, the seedsman Upon the slime and ooze scatters his grain, And shortly comes to harvest.
Suffolk seedsman Mr Fothergill's is celebrating the initiative with a new mixture, Zinnia Solmar Mixed which will create a stunning display in pots, containers or garden borders.
She describes the Canadian city's settlement history and its horticultural optimism, the Edmonton Horticultural Society, the relationship between gardens and nature, vacant lot gardening, rose gardening, Chinese market gardeners, and the roles of photographer and gardening advocate Gladys Reeves, settler Donald Ross, florist Walter Ramsay, seedsman Alfred Pike, plant breeders Georges Bugnet and Robert Simonet, gardener and public figure Lois Hole, and horticulturist and public servant John Helder.
As much a garden book as it is a book to cook from, The Power of Pulses is a lively collaboration between seedsman Dan Jason and foodie siblings Hilary Malone and Alison Malone Eathorne.
He became extremely successful as a seedsman by selecting superior strains of vegetables and grains.
05) looks highly progressive and has a useful six-length advantage over Seedsman after last month's clash at Fakenham.
However, he was then back among the winners when gamely fending off the 115-rated Seedsman over 2m4f110yds on heavy ground at Leicester.