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n, pl seedsmen
1. (Commerce) a seed merchant
2. (Horticulture) a seed merchant


(ˈsidz mən)

also seed•man


n., pl. -men.
1. a sower of seed.
2. a dealer in seed.
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Noun1.seedsman - a dealer in seeds
bargainer, dealer, monger, trader - someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold


n pl <-men> → Samenhändler m
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Channel Seedsmen deliver expert advice, customized service and elite seed products to help improve the productivity and profitability of America's farmers.
Forage seed is widely available in local markets and from seedsmen but its quality both varietal and purity is usually mediocre.
Blueberries are long-lived plants and are widely available from mail order seedsmen catalogues, specialist fruit nurseries and garden centres.
Department of Agriculture, state research stations and commercial seedsmen.
It provides very clear (and amusing) stage by stage illustrations and it even incorporates a list of suppliers that includes seedsmen in France and the USA.
The house, which enjoys spectacular views over the Tay and the hills beyond, was built by an unknown architect for Archibald Turnbull of seedsmen Dickson & Turnbull.
By the start of WWII, his numerous commercial photographs, many of them front covers, included: Command Performance (1936), illustrating an article on figurines; The Potting Shed (1937), a Fischli & Weiss-like ad for Max Schling Seedsmen, Inc.
Top seedsmen Mr Fothergill's have come up with a half-price collection of varieties, all of which have the Royal Horticultural Society's famous Award of Garden Merit.
Commercial seed with desirable traits was selected from the harvested crop by seedsmen.
Webbs soon earned the highest seal of approval by being appointed seedsmen to Queen Victoria and every monarch since.
THE trials ground of seedsmen Thompson and Morgan should look amazing about this time of year.
Seedsmen never cease from trying new breeds of plants and have over the years achieved successes with the introduction of plants greatly improved and easy to grow, as for example the great range of outdoor busy lizzies.