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intr.v. seeped, seep·ing, seeps
1. To pass slowly through small openings or pores; ooze: Water is seeping into the basement.
2. To enter, depart, or become diffused gradually: The importance of the situation finally seeped into my brain. The news seeped out bit by bit.
A place on land or underwater where a liquid or gas oozes out of the ground.

[Alteration of dialectal sipe.]
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Adj.1.seeping - leaking out slowly
leaky - permitting the unwanted passage of fluids or gases ; "a leaky roof"; "a leaky defense system"
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Unless it's seeping via root channels in the dam or through a ledge outcrop below the surface (and thereby feeding a spring), I suspect there isn't a proper key for the dam.
Darryl Wimberley; A SEEPING WOUND; L'Aleph (Fiction: Literary) 24.
Plans to contain oil seeping from the shoreline of a cleanup site on Bellingham's waterfront are set to begin this week, after an oil sheen left intermittently by the seep was first discovered last December.
Reports of fresh leaks from the pipes and radiation hot spots on the ground, even where no water is evident, has raised concern of radioactive water seeping into the ground.
continues to struggle to keep the massive amount of radiation-tainted water from seeping out from the storage tank into the Pacific Ocean through drainage channels.
If the request is approved, it will be the first government funding to help the plant operator tackle the problem of groundwater seeping to mix with contaminated water in the reactor buildings, the sources said.
Geologic methane is seeping through the edges of thawing permafrost and receding glaciers in Alaska and Greenland, according to a study by researcher Katey Walter-Anthony of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.
marine biologists, who surveyed the reefs on Great Guana Cay, found that reef-killing fertilizers are seeping from the development.
RAWALPINDI, August 24, 2011 (Frontier Star): Railway police station in Rawalpindi division is deprived of basic facilities while roof is seeping due to monsoon season.
But "there's a lot of different flavors of cold seeps," Camilli said, depending on how the seeping chemicals are produced.
Other shops, schools, offices, law courts, and temples are all being submerged by water seeping through from under the ground.
So the chemicals are slowly seeping on to the shore line.