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v. seethed, seeth·ing, seethes
1. To churn and foam as if boiling.
a. To be in a state of turmoil or ferment: The nation seethed with rebellion.
b. To be violently excited or agitated: I seethed with anger over the insult. See Synonyms at boil1.
3. Archaic To boil. Archaic
To boil (something).

[Middle English sethen, to boil, from Old English sēothan.]

seethe n.
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1. boiling or foaming as if boiling
2. crowded and full of restless activity
3. in a state of extreme agitation, esp through anger
ˈseethingly adv
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Adj.1.seething - in constant agitation; "a seething flag-waving crowd filled the streets"; "a seething mass of maggots"; "lovers and madmen have such seething brains"- Shakespeare
agitated - physically disturbed or set in motion; "the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled"
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ساخِط جِدا، يَغْلي من شِدَّة السُّخْطغاضِب جِدامُزْدَحِم، مُكْتَظ
hemžící sevřícívzteklý
syde af raserivrimle
morandisjóîandivera í uppnámi
dusmās zvērojošskā sadedzispārpilnstraks
blčiacihemžiaci saprekypujúci
çok heyacanlıçok öfkelikaygılıkaynaşan


(ˈsiːðiŋ) adjective
1. (sometimes with with) very crowded. a seething mass of people; The beach is seething with people.
2. (usually with with) very excited or agitated. seething with excitement/anger.
3. very angry. He was seething when he left the meeting.
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On one side of her lay a quantity of wooden arrows the points of which she dipped into the seething substance, then laying them upon a narrow rack of boughs which stood upon her other side.
Gathering up all he could carry under one arm, he overturned the seething cauldron with a kick, and disappeared into the foliage above just as the first of the returning natives entered the gate at the far end of the village street.
But behind the veil of smoke the sun was still high, and in front and especially to the left, near Semenovsk, something seemed to be seething in the smoke, and the roar of cannon and musketry did not diminish, but even increased to desperation like a man who, straining himself, shrieks with all his remaining strength.
They described the seething throng that filled the various fairs of Paris, the sea of faces, half seen in the glare of acetylene, half hidden in the darkness, and the blare of trumpets, the hooting of whistles, the hum of voices.
Like the matted growth of bushes and creepers veiling the silent depths of an unexplored wilderness, they hide the depths of London's infinitely varied, vigorous, seething life.
Their brain is seething with ideas, and they can only tell you that the umbrella of the gardener's aunt is in the house.
Burning with white-hot anger was the High Priestess, her heart a seething, molten mass of hatred for Tarzan of the Apes.
All these thoughts were rolling and seething in George's breast, as he was pensively leaning his head on his hand, watching his wife, as she was adapting to her slender and pretty form the articles of man's attire, in which it was deemed safest she should make her escape.
Heroes, he thought, could find excuses in that long seething lane.
"And they do say," the Chancellor went on sheepishly--looking much more like a convicted thief than an Officer of State, "that a change of Government, by the abolition of the Sub-Warden I mean," he hastily added, on seeing the Warden's look of astonishment, "the abolition of the office of Sub-Warden, and giving the present holder the right to act as Vice-Warden whenever the Warden is absent --would appease all this seedling discontent I mean," he added, glancing at a paper he held in his hand, "all this seething discontent!"
Lady Arabella's icy nature was not so deeply stirred, though she was in a seething passion.
The cradle-rockers had done hard duty for so many years, under the weight of so many children, on that flagstone floor, that they were worn nearly flat, in consequence of which a huge jerk accompanied each swing of the cot, flinging the baby from side to side like a weaver's shuttle, as Mrs Durbeyfield, excited by her song, trod the rocker with all the spring that was left in her after a long day's seething in the suds.