sei whale

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sei whale

A baleen whale (Balaenoptera borealis) having a grayish body with a whitish underside, a curved dorsal fin, and grooves on the throat.

[Partial translation of Norwegian seihval; see sei.]

sei whale



(Animals) a rorqual, Balaenoptera borealis
[C20: from Norwegian seihval, from sei coalfish (see saithe) + hval whale: so called because it follows coalfish in search of food]

sei′ whale`

a rorqual, Balaenoptera borealis, inhabiting all seas.
[1915–20; < Norwegian seihval]
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Noun1.sei whale - similar to but smaller than the finback whalesei whale - similar to but smaller than the finback whale
rorqual, razorback - any of several baleen whales of the family Balaenopteridae having longitudinal grooves on the throat and a small pointed dorsal fin
Balaenoptera, genus Balaenoptera - type genus of the Balaenopteridae
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com/2015/11/151120-worlds-largest-whale-stranding-sei-chile-animals/) discovered 337 sei whales beached in 2015 along&nbsp;remote waters off Patagonia, Chile, considered one of the largest mass strandings in history.
In a sermon, he wrote at the end, "We give thanks for the return of the right whales and the sei whales and the humpback whales and the razorback fin whales, the sperm whales, the orcas and the belugas.
Sei whales where identified only when the combination of a single rostral ridge, symmetrical jaw pigmentation, darkish grey dorsal coloration and falcate dorsal fin with rounded tips was present; this combination ruled out Eden (Bryde's) or Fin whales.
Furthermore, it should be noted that Bryde's whales were not distinguished from sei whales until the early 1900's (and often not until much later), and for many years they continued to be listed as sei whales.
Although sei whales were historically the fourth-most commonly captured whale along coastal California during whaling activity in the 1950s and 1960s (Rice, 1974), they now are considered rare in California waters (Dohl et al.
The recent heatwave has had a massive impact on the wildlife in the area - we have spotted unusual species of whales in the North East seas just in the past week - both Humpback and Sei whales have been seen off the North East and Yorkshire coast, we've even spotted a shark.
See also Burns, supra note 11, at 271-72 ("Since 1987, Japan has invoked Article VIII to kill approximately 6000 minke, Bryde's, sperm whales, and sei whales in the Southern Ocean (including minke whales in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary) and North Pacific.
Sei whales are extremely rare in Scotland, with only a few sightings in recent years.
Sei whales are found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.
Hundreds of Sei whales, the fourth largest species, are killed in the Pacific ever year.
40) Each baleen whale was evaluated based on the amount of oil it yielded so that one BWU was equal to one blue whale, two fin whales, two and half humpback whales, or six sei whales.
Sei whales and Risso dolphins make this area their home, as do redfish, hake, sculpin, cusk (pictured) and shanny.