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The 17th century with reference to Italian literature and art.

[Italian, from (mille) seicento, (one thousand) six hundred : sei, six (from Latin sex; see s(w)eks in Indo-European roots) + cento, hundred (from Latin centum; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots).]


(Italian seiˈtʃɛnto)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the 17th century with reference to Italian art and literature
[Italian, shortened from mille seicento one thousand six hundred]


(seɪˈtʃɛn toʊ)

n. (often cap.)
the 17th century, with reference to the Italian art or literature of that period.
[1900–05; < Italian, short for mille seicento literally, a thousand six hundred]
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Many of the features of an ordinary bus have been squeezed into this Fiat Seicento, making it a one-of-a-kind vehicle.
But while this converted Fiat Seicento may be tiny, it boasts many of the same features of its larger counterpart such as a ticket machine and stop button.
DON Juan Carlos y do la Sofia han vuelto a aparecer juntos en publico para la inauguracion de la exposicion <<De Caravaggio a Bernini, obras maestras del Seicento italiano en las colecciones reales>> en el Palacio Real de Madrid.
DODICI + OTTANTA + CENTOOTTO + SEICENTO = OTTOCENTO (12 + 80 + 108 + 600 = 800) 49.2.3 Doubly True-English by Junya Take, Kanagawa, Japan
La trattatistica teorica del Seicento si e impegnata a dare ordinata sistemazione alle modalita con cui la letteratura deve rivolgersi al potere.
Ironically, former owner Norman used to drive a PS50 1999 Fiat Seicento with the valuable registration adorning it.
Saturday, August 15 - Fiat Seicento loaded onto a lorry.
Nella variopinta cornice del Seicento e possibile assistere a una cultura dello spettacolo estesa, che conta su una diffusione capillare delle occasioni teatrali, alle quali viene dato uno stimolo inedito dalle osservazioni scientifiche e dalle suggestioni fornite dalla relazione tra l'occhio e l'orecchio con la mente.
30; 17th century music on period instruments from Ensemble Primo Seicento on Sept.
1250-1550' and seminars on 'Trecento Images in Seicento Bologna', 'Saint James, Gregory the Great and Diego Gelmirez in Santiago de Compostela's Puerta de Platerias' and 'The Pope, the Street, and the Square'.
Castiglione's reputation among collectors and artists actually grew in the late 17th century and remained high until the modern period, when taste generally turned away from Italian arts of the seicento. In Paris and in Venice, artists as diverse as Watteau and Tiepolo were inspired by Castiglione's etchings and his extraordinary dry-brush drawings.
Shayne Colaco, aged 32, of Stoke on Trent, is believed to have set off on his own up Tryfan after leaving his Fiat Seicento car at Ogwen Cottage campsite.