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 (sīd′l, zīd′l)
A beer mug.

[German, from Middle High German sīdel, from Latin situla, bucket.]


a vessel for drinking beer
[German, originally a measure varying between about a third and a half litre]


(ˈsaɪd l, ˈzaɪd l)

a large beer mug with a capacity of one liter (1.1 quarts).
[1905–10; < German; Middle High German sīdel < Latin situla bucket]
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Noun1.seidel - a glass for beer
drinking glass, glass - a container for holding liquids while drinking
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One night a squadron of Federal horse commanded by Major Seidel, a gallant and skillful officer, moved out from Readyville on an uncommonly hazardous enterprise requiring secrecy, caution and silence.
So Newstec will put the Connorses into competition with the Seidels -- at Valley for Sheridan and some GMA machines and at GMA for its own products and the refurbishing services it provides for them.
In the best traditions of the two group's practice of making concentrated and meaningful donations on charities that have touched the personal lives of members, Marion has called on all members, and their employees to reach out and help the Seidels and the other victims of Katrina by contacting the NATD and ASCDI office and making a donation today.