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 (sān-yûr′, sĕn-yœr′)
1. A man of rank, especially a feudal lord in the ancien régime.
2. In Canada, a man who owned a large estate originally held by a feudal grant from the king of France.
3. Used as a form of address for such a man.

[French, from Old French seignor, from Vulgar Latin *senior; see seignior.]

seign·eur′i·al adj.
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By 1851, there were 306 villages in the seigneurial portions of Lower Canada, up from 210 in 1831 and 53 in 1815 (Courville 1990, p.
He argues that the class-specific targeting of modern California philanthropy is a conscious modification of the historical Mexican seigneurial system, which aimed to continue that oligarchy within a capitalist system of exchange.
Contract notice: number of the consultation 2018-moe-0001 rehabilitation of the seigneurial domain of ormois
136, 138), an inland southern Portuguese wine town, near Evora, in the Alentejo, the seigneurial rights over which had belonged to the great navigator, Vasco da Gama, and now pertained to the latter's descendants.
Ironically the Tristan, which ends unconventionally with King Mark exercising his seigneurial rights, dragging the very-much-alive Isolde away from Tristan's corpse after her "Liebestod," is the most straightforward of the lot.
Romano also studies the modifications in social relations, noting that wherever arsenal officials arrived, there were ruptures: the end of communal autonomy, if the forests were communal property, or reduction of seigneurial powers in the case of privately held property.
With, in office in America now, a President who considered he had some kind of seigneurial rights over participants in his beauty pageants or women who came to parties in Trump hotels, it is again ironic that Hollywood film producer and executive, Harvey Weinstein is now publicly accused of separate instances of sexual harassment or assault by more than 50 female actors and production staff.
Il faut se rappeler qu'a la suite du declin du systeme seigneurial et de ses relations feodales, la codification juridique de 1866 avait transforme le travail et les produits du travail en marchandises et avait scelle la conversion de la propriete et du capitalisme (86).
While Armon acknowledges El perro's light nature, her recourse to a play that treats the hero's self-exculpation with obvious irony, and which includes a farcical, Byzantine denouement, seems shaky ground for her conclusion that the play 'dramatizes the triumph of a new mode of seigneurial conduct--that of adaptability' (p.
The census did not identify population by language and religion, and so the commissioners used the form of land tenure as a proxy, assuming that residents on seigneurial lands were overwhelmingly French, and those on socage lands overwhelmingly English.
Their neighbors, meanwhile, did not necessarily own the land on which they invested effort by building fences, since some were tenants on seigneurial estates while others held land through conditional grants from the Crown with ownership not yet fully confirmed.