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n. pl. seign·eur·ies
The power, rank, or estate of a seigneur.






n, pl -gneuries
(Historical Terms) the estate of a seigneur. Also (less common): seignioralty or seigniorship


(ˈsin yə ri, ˈseɪn-)

n., pl. -gneur•ies.
the domain of a seigneur.
[1675–85; < French seigneurie; see seigneur, -y3]
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Noun1.seigneury - the estate of a seigneur
acres, demesne, landed estate, estate, land - extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use; "the family owned a large estate on Long Island"
2.seigneury - the position and authority of a feudal lord
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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"Yes, brother Claude; but that accursed seigneury of Poligny, which people make so much noise about, is worth not sixty gold crowns, year out and year in."
He created a seigneury of 10,932 acres, (16) which was described within the indenture as "five miles by four at the mouth of the Seine River on the East side of the Red River, nearly opposite the mouth of the Assiniboine" as well as "a piece of land fifteen chains square" (that is, 990 feet by 990 feet) on the west side of the Red River.
Caption: Douglas Stickley, former Air Cadet of 218 Squadron, pictured with The Honourabte Leo Cadieux, former Minister of National Defence, and an Air Cadet League Official at the Air Cadet League of Canada Annual General Meeting at the Seigneury Club in Montebello, Quebec, in 1969.
colonization and sat in Parliament after 1841, using his position to promote systematic colonization on the seigneury of Beauharnois (Manning 1967; Viau 2013; Wakefield [1829] 1929, [1849] 1969).
He also owned Mount Johnson in the Richelieu Valley near Chambly, the seigneury of Argenteuil on the North River, and large holdings up the St.
With an estimated resident population of approximately 7,719 and non-resident population of 2,617 in 2013, (3) the community is situated on a land base of less than 11,888 acres, (4) with the land-claim negotiation of Seigneury of Sault St.
Beginning with a discussion of current literature and the historiography of castle study, the work covers topics such as debates in castle research, castles as geographical centers, castles as " theaters of lordship," the development of landscapes and towns, and the rise of seigneury and political structures in Europe.