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also sei·zin  (sē′zĭn)
1. Legal possession of land, as a freehold estate.
a. The act or an instance of taking legal possession of land.
b. Property thus possessed.

[Middle English seisine, from Old French saisine, from seisir, to seize; see seize.]
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(ˈsiːzɪn) or


(Law) property law feudal possession of an estate in land
[C13: from Old French seisine, from seisir to seize]
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or sei•zin

(ˈsi zɪn)

1. possession or right to possession of an estate of freehold.
2. possession of either land or chattel.
[1250–1300; Middle English < Old French saisine=sais(ir) to seize + -ine -ine3]
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seizin, seisin

1. possession of a freehold estate.
2. the estate so possessed.
See also: Property and Ownership
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"The debates on the motion are currently ongoing and the House is in seisin (possession) of the confidence motion.
have been required if "livery of seisin or transfer of
nature of livery of seisin had nothing to do with the actual substance
(54) Ames and Maitland had a lengthy exchange of letters about Ames's article The Disseisin of Chattels, which was stimulated by Maitland's article The Seisin of Chattels, (55) These technical doctrines of early English common law are not particularly thrilling to most American legal historians today, but they were for the leading American and English legal historians of the late nineteenth century.
who acquired a seisin of liberty could appeal to the king's court,
Cette operation de transfert de saisine (livery of seisin) pouvait s'operer par differents gestes rituels, notamment la delivrance d'une pincee de terre, mais aussi per anulum, par la remise d'un anneau.
Something similar might be said about the concept of "seisin," so important in the medieval development of property law.
The use originated as a tax planning device, designed to avoid the tax imposed by kings who required payment for "livery of seisin," upon transfer of a deceased noble's estate and title, by vesting title in perpetuity in trustees for the use and benefit of heirs.
"in relation to land to land that the use simply could not be fitted into the common law scheme of things, for the doctrine of states and the doctrine of seisin left no place for the separation ofbeneficial enjoyment from legal title (138)".
En concreto, cuando moria alguno de los tenants in capite del rey (caballeros nombrados por el rey y sometidos directamente al rey), el heredero estaba obligado a pagar la llamada <<primera toma de posesion>> (primer seisin) (33).
Gerrish, the court apparently enforced a lease for life as being no different from a life estate because seisin is outmoded.
seisin"--the sort of act that might be expected in the physical