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also sei·zin  (sē′zĭn)
1. Legal possession of land, as a freehold estate.
a. The act or an instance of taking legal possession of land.
b. Property thus possessed.

[Middle English seisine, from Old French saisine, from seisir, to seize; see seize.]


(ˈsiːzɪn) or


(Law) property law feudal possession of an estate in land
[C13: from Old French seisine, from seisir to seize]


or sei•zin

(ˈsi zɪn)

1. possession or right to possession of an estate of freehold.
2. possession of either land or chattel.
[1250–1300; Middle English < Old French saisine=sais(ir) to seize + -ine -ine3]

seizin, seisin

1. possession of a freehold estate.
2. the estate so possessed.
See also: Property and Ownership
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(34) His initiation to the law classroom, on the first day of classes, was a question from property professor Sheldon Tefft, a man for all seisins: "Mr.
Another brief essay examines the distribution of testimony among a variety of courts (For example, shire, hundred, vill), but suggests that the king's commissioners favoured the opinions of particular courts when dealing with such diverse concerns as grants and seisins, appurtenances, and antecession.
44) or the use of Bannatyne over Maitland in 13 (where the stanza sequence is different) or the choice of the very early Aberdeen Minute Book of Seisins in no.