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An instrument that indicates the occurrence or time of occurrence of an earthquake.

seis′mo·scop′ic (-skŏp′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) an obsolete instrument that indicates the occurrence of an earthquake. Compare seismograph
seismoscopic adj
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Le fait qu'Aesthetica (13) affiche uniquement les dessins de traceur (sauf pour Seismoscope, de Lozano-Hemmer, qui presente une video de l'appareil) ne diminue en rien la valeur des oeuvres correspondantes.
Upon setting out on his journey, TS is, in some respects, resolutely practical and logical (he totes his heavy suitcase in a wagon), in some he is comically clueless as he tries to plan for every scenario (he contemplates packing a seismoscope in case he comes across a woodpecker), and in others he is affectingly childish (he takes his teddy bear, and is on a quest to eat a hot dog along the way).
2009, or tempted to stomp near Seismoscope 1, 2009, an altered seismometer that translates the vibrational data it compiles into loose sketches of the sixteenth-century Portuguese skeptic philosopher Francisco Sanches.