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A chewy, protein-rich food made from wheat gluten and used as a meat substitute.

[Coined by George Ohsawa (1893-1966), Japanese advocate of macrobiotics.]


(ˈsaɪˌtæn) or


(Cookery) a meat substitute made from the gluten from wheat
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Meat Substitutes Market Research Report by Type (Tofu & Tofu Products, Tempeh, Seitan, and Others), Source (Soy, Wheat, Mycoprotein, and Others), Category (Frozen, Refrigerated, Ambient, and Others), Distribution Channel (Store based, Non-store based), and Region-Global Forecast to 2023
I had no idea what this would be like as I had never tired seitan which was one of the key ingredients, so choosing this was a bit of a gamble even though the waiter did tell me it was one of the most popular choices among customers.
Love Seitan grows in UK: British meat alternative brand Love Seitan has joined forces with vegan food distributor Bravura Foods to increase its footprint in the UK retail market for its wheat-based vegan products.
'Seitan' in its natural form, this stuff is incredibly protein rich and low in carbohydrates and fats, making it a great high-protein substitute for meat.
In the first book there was no seitan, little jackfruit, and "we didn't really do any of these quirky fake meats, we just wanted vegetables", they note.
For vegans, there's a choice of Beyond Fake News (Beyond Meat vegan patty, vegan cheese, burger sauce, lettuce and tomato), or No Clucks Given (crispy fried seitan, shredded lettuce and garlic vegannaise).
Veggie burgers, quorn sausages, soya escalopes and seitan steaks.
Seitan is the name for a meat analog created with vital wheat gluten.
Among Heirloom Market's unique highlights is a dedicated plant-based section with a vast assortment of fresh and frozen vegan items, such as tempeh, tofu, chorizo seitan, Chao slices, Beyond Meat, Halo Top ice cream and burger alternatives from Giant's own brand, Nature's Promise.
The king rib was made of seitan, a dense, sliceable protein made of wheat gluten.