seize up

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يتَوَقَّف عن العَمَل
zadřít se
gå i stå
festast, læsast; bræîa úr sér

w>seize up

(engine, brakes)sich verklemmen
(inf) my back seized upes ist mir in den Rücken gefahren (inf); she talks so much it’s a miracle her jaw doesn’t seize upsie redet so viel, es ist ein Wunder, dass ihr Mundwerk nicht ausleiert (inf)


(siːz) verb
1. to take or grasp suddenly, especially by force. She seized the gun from him; He seized her by the arm; He seized the opportunity of leaving.
2. to take, especially by force or by law. The police seized the stolen property.
ˈseizure (-ʒə) noun
the act of seizing. seizure of property.
seize on
to accept with enthusiasm. I suggested a cycling holiday, and he seized on the idea.
seize up
(of machinery etc) to get stuck and stop working. The car seized up yesterday.

seize is spelt with -ei- (not -ie-).
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Mainstream, robusta-based stuff makes the face of a good coffee snob seize up with distaste, but provides what the average coffee drinker needs: a quick rush of caffeine and a familiar taste.