seize up

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يتَوَقَّف عن العَمَل
zadřít se
gå i stå
festast, læsast; bræîa úr sér

w>seize up

(engine, brakes)sich verklemmen
(inf) my back seized upes ist mir in den Rücken gefahren (inf); she talks so much it’s a miracle her jaw doesn’t seize upsie redet so viel, es ist ein Wunder, dass ihr Mundwerk nicht ausleiert (inf)
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(siːz) verb
1. to take or grasp suddenly, especially by force. She seized the gun from him; He seized her by the arm; He seized the opportunity of leaving.
2. to take, especially by force or by law. The police seized the stolen property.
ˈseizure (-ʒə) noun
the act of seizing. seizure of property.
seize on
to accept with enthusiasm. I suggested a cycling holiday, and he seized on the idea.
seize up
(of machinery etc) to get stuck and stop working. The car seized up yesterday.

seize is spelt with -ei- (not -ie-).
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