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Variant of seisin.


(Law) the usual US spelling of seisin


or sei•zin

(ˈsi zɪn)

1. possession or right to possession of an estate of freehold.
2. possession of either land or chattel.
[1250–1300; Middle English < Old French saisine=sais(ir) to seize + -ine -ine3]

seizin, seisin

1. possession of a freehold estate.
2. the estate so possessed.
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The acquirement of inheritance rights by heirs, from the opening of the inheritance, shall be done regardless of the fact that heirs have or do not have seizin, but here comes the problem of exercising those rights, namely the transmission of heritage possession.
Through their Seizin Press, Riding and Robert Graves published a collection of Lye's prose poems, No Trouble, in 1930.
In Whitehead, the Texas Supreme Court used the terms "seizin in deed" and "seizin in law," see id., which refer to actual seisin and constructive seisin, respectively.
1979) (grantee could not recover under covenant of seizin in warranty deed because statute of limitations had run, and could not recover under covenant of warranty because grantee had not been ousted by holder of paramount title).
By noting "the deliuery of them to Moses to make," Andrewes places Moses in the position of making something that is already made and-thus transforms the notion of making into "a kinde of seizin, or a Ceremony inuesting him with the right of them" (17).
Riding lived abroad from 1926 to 1939, much of the time with the poet and critic Robert Graves; together they established the Seizin Press (1927-38) and published the journal Epilogue (1935-38).