seizure-alert dog

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Noun1.seizure-alert dog - a dog that can alert or assist people with seizure disorders
working dog - any of several breeds of usually large powerful dogs bred to work as draft animals and guard and guide dogs
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Within this functional category, other more specific and commonly used labels (e.g., seeing-eye dog, hearing dog, seizure-alert dog, and psychiatric service dog) may reveal an individual's disability or the tasks the dog can perform; however, consistent with the ADA, the more generic label service animal grants the individual and his or her dog public access without disclosing the individual's specific disability, if desired [40].
CPL also places full-service seizure-alert dogs to detect and alert to upcoming seizure activity.
25, discussing the training, availability and options for all kinds of service dogs - traditional guide dogs, walker or balance dogs, social dogs, seizure-alert dogs, dogs for psychiatric disabilities and dogs for combat veterans.